Mathias Sorum is an A&R and Music Manager born in Oslo, Norway. He started his career in the music industry as a radio DJ in Oslo, and went on to study Cinematography in Chicago. After graduating he moved to Los Angeles to intern for Radical Media and assist legendary directors Chris Milk and Dave Meyers.

In 2008 he moved to Atlanta to A&R for Black Sky Recordings, an indie label with one alternative rock artist from Oakland California.

Living in Atlanta and having his home base at 11th Street Studios he gained respect from some of the industries leading producers and writers. Working with them over the course of several years led to forming Sorum, a talent management, a&r, creative direction, production and publishing company, in 2012.

Current clients include:

Fallon King, Topline writer & Producer.
Felisha Fury King, Topline writer & Producer.
Harv, Producer.
Chris Clark, Producer.
Scum, Producer.
JBlaze, Producer

Past clients: Epikh Pro, Producer.

As an independent management company Sorum is proud to boast 16 RIAA Certified Platinum records with over 2 Billion online streams.

Synchronized music with some of the leading networks including HBO, NBC, CBS, Disney and Fox. On Foxs hit show Empire Sorums clients are responsible for over 30 songs placed, in the last two seasons.

DaniLeigh ft Chris Brown “Easy Remix” was just 2 X RIAA Certified Platinum with over 200million streams to date and 15 weeks on Billboard Hot 100. The song was Written and Produced by Sorum client Fallon King and Produced by Sorum client Chris Clark.

The latest success is HARV and FURY writing and producing Justin Biebers “Peaches”, which debut at #1 on the Billboard HOT 100 together with the Album debuting #1 on Billboard Album 200 opening week.